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shows Date: Sep 20th @ 10:17am EDT
hey there guys i hope u are fine, i hope we can talk and u can suggest to me what kind of shows would u like to see in my room that wold be fantastic
new room Date: Sep 14th @ 11:17am EDT
hey there guys i am so great today and i hope u too, i would like u can see my new room is red and i love it, tell me what u think about it
i'm back in the studio! Date: Sep 5th @ 12:11pm EDT
i'm back in the studio!
Summit Date: Jul 29th @ 2:00pm EDT
Hello daddys, I am happy because there is little left to finish the Summit contest and be able to win the trip to Thailand, one of the countries that I dream of traveling, you can still help me with a small contribution, I thank you from my heart, you would do me even more happy
summit Date: Jul 23rd @ 10:00am EDT
Hello, I hope you find yourself well to tell you that I am competing at the Summit to opt for a trip to Thailand where I would allow me There is the contest, so that they can contribute a grain of sand to make this dream come true. I have your support and thanks to you for making it possible
Request u want Date: Jul 18th @ 1:09pm EDT
Hey as u know i love to treat good who have a good behaviour with me , i got specials request for all you , and just come and ask me for it and join the surprises i have for u
come on to see what i have new Date: Jul 7th @ 12:05pm EDT
hey, i want u see my new pictures, i really give all i have i letf my heart and my mind there, tell me what u think about it
most important Date: Jun 28th @ 11:51am EDT
You don't write your life with words, you write it with actions. What you think is not important. The only important thing is what you do
ADDICTION Date: May 27th @ 10:25am EDT
?If I ask you about love, you will quote me a sonnet, but you have never looked at a woman and felt vulnerable, nor seen yourself reflected in her eyes. Have you not thought that God has put an angel on earth for you, to rescue you from the pits of hell?
all passion Date: May 11th @ 12:34pm EDT
All passions are good as long as one is master of them, and all are bad when they enslave us.
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